Precision Machinists Aerospace CNC Machining Professional CNC Machine Shop.

Working and thriving in the small hamlet of Chico, California is a CNC Machine Shop called PRO2PRO Machining. Frank and his partners and staff turn out a tremendously varied list of parts and projects that demand accuracy for proper function as well as safety. You see many of the parts created at PRO2PRO will find themselves on board an military fighter plane or commercial airliner. PRO2PRO regularly produces Aerospace Parts for Military and Commercial use. All PRO2PRO created parts and projects are tested for accuracy on their Quality Control Bench and every part can be tracked back to PRO2PRO, the material supplier and the Precision Machinists assigned to the project. If you have a project or parts run requiring precision calibration and quality control call Frank and his Team at PRO2PRO Machining in Chico, California

Also, take a look at PRO2PRO Machining Services if you have fun projects like go fast, speed equipment like custom timing chain sprockets, custom fuel delivery nozzles, seat frames fit to a specific driver and car or any project no matter how big or small.

Check out these customer Yoyos for a local Chico Company, Bird In Hand