About Us

About Us

In 2008 Frank and Robert saw a need for a shop that, properly run, could consistently produce CNC Machined and Milled parts on-budget and on time. Honesty wasn’t a big priority of many shops and all that was really lacking was attention to details like budgets and timing. Getting the job was the biggest hurdle to overcome. Once a shop had the job they felt they could turn out the project on their own schedule with little or no consideration to the clients deadlines or budgets. As long as the customer got his part or project done the customer would be happy. Frank and Robert saw it differently. They found the need for a Professional CNC Machine Shop and they were going to deliver. The name Pro2Pro came from the two words Prototype and Production, “Prototype 2 Production,” PRO2PRO. Another fitting name would be Professional to Professional. At Pro2Pro we will always treat you professionally and your part or project will get our full attention once you give us the go ahead. An LLC, Pro2Pro has a full-time CNC Precision Machinist and 3  3 engineers on staff. Our engineers are loaded with years of practical experience and capable of providing services in the design and development of parts as well as assemblies. The engineers at Pro2Pro bring a vast amount of knowledge in biotechnology, cover the mechanical and chemical arenas, catalyst production, oil refining, and fluid flow measurement. We can help in the design of products needed for these industries as well as others.

Our lead machinists training and background  is in manufacturing engineering and technology. With  over a decade of managing machine shops and over 12 years of programming and running machines he can do any job no matter how large or how small. He  assembles an all star team of precision machinists capable of completing any task any time and he will always come in on budget and on-time. His training is very advantageous to Pro2Pro customers because he can help them with design and creation process for producing parts and projects. He not helps with just the machining of the part, he also searches out the best materials for the job, puts a fine point on quality control, finishing. Alternate methods of production are considered when appropriate. At Pro2Pro we cover all the bases in manufacturing and feel we provide the best solution for your CNC Precision Machining Parts and Projects.

In addition to the building of your project we have a responsibility to make every part as if it were the most important part in the world. We like to look at the parts we make and say “There goes a part I am proud to put my name on, man look at that shine! What a beauty!”

We pride ourselves in saying that about everything we make. The look of the part is just a piece of the puzzle but that isn’t the only thing that makes a part, it must measure correctly. We are not shooting for the part to just fall within tolerance, we strive to build our parts to exact dimensions. Just because a part has a tolerance is +/- .005”  we still shoot for exact dimensions. Give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you. Demanding customers are welcomed at Pro2Pro we are confident that we can provide the services you need and demand.


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  1. Rob Biccum
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 15:42:30

    Friends, can you see this, this is where you would post you blog responses, I know duh, right? Well not for everyone at least not yet. Until just a year or so ago I had never blogged, not once. I was intimidated and had no idea how to get started. It’s fun once you start, check back regularly for replies and share this site with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and even send them the url:
    http://www.precisionmachinists.us, you will likely have to cut and paste this URL into your email. Thank you in advance for your help in getting the word out about Precision Machinists. They really can do magnificent work!


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